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~ Grunge: the dark side of bohemian life.

When it comes to street fashion of home decor ~ Love Anna James.

For the true urban lifestyle, you can't forego ~ Grunge: the dark side of bohemian life. From London street fashion to Romeo + Juliet, Anna James receives her inspiration from the graffiti found on the archway entrance of Juliet's home in Verona, Italy. Working out of a studio in South East London, she transforms 20th century antiques into art-filled, one-of-a-kind, hand-painted ~ treasures.

Like the Verona Boudoir Chest, each piece is fully restored and etched with random declarations of love + other unrequited scribblings from around the world. Like her art, Anna remains a mystery, but her urban inspired graffiti paints a picture of a true avant-garde furniture + decor designer.

{other must sees from ~ love anna james: granny takes a trip, love lights + planet queen. for purchases + commissions, contact anna at the "love me" section of www.loveannajames.com. top lifestyle photos: via casasugar.com}
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